About Our Program

The Classical Ballet Program is geared towards students wishing to receive serious, pre-professional level dance training in a healthy environment. Our curriculum is based on the traditional Vaganova method, with a strong emphasis on contemporary style in the upper levels. Multiple classes per week are required to safely and effectively build technical and physical strength.


Classes in the Classical Ballet Program are by placement. Please email dance department head, Claire Ward, to discuss your student's current ballet experience.


Beginning/Intermediate Dancers

Ballet 2 students progress to holding the barre with one hand, while centre work introduces an array of new steps built on steps previously learned in Ballet 1. Focus is given to building a strong technical foundation, learning the 9 Body Positions, waltzing, and understanding ballet terminology.


Students must register for

  • Ballet 2*

  • One additional Ballet 2 class


Beginning/Intermediate Dancers

Maintains the simplicity of previous levels but introduces more steps and concepts. By keeping exercises simple and precise, the students are more able to absorb the information and build muscle memory. Focus is given to proper alignment, pirouettes, and building strength and stamina for grand allegro.


Students must register for

  • Ballet 3*

  • One additional Ballet 3 class

  • One performing arts or dance elective (i.e., Pilates, Musical Theatre, Drama)

Dance & Performing Arts Electives


Intermediate Dancers

These students are moving into more complicated technical concepts and will be given many opportunities to expand their knowledge and hone in on their critical thinking skills. Students receive instruction on how to troubleshoot issues, so that they are prepared to take on the fast-paced, advanced levels in future years. Students in this level are typically at the age when students are discovering who they are as individuals, so much attention is given to helping them thrive in their own imaginations and creativity while still being able to take and implement directions quickly and efficiently. 


Students must register for

  • Ballet 4*

  • Two additional Ballet 4 classes

  • Conditioning for Dancers

  • One performing arts or dance elective

Dance & Performing Arts Electives


Intermediate/Advanced Dancers

For intermediate/advanced dancers. An intense barre focused on maximizing turnout and cleaning technique is given. Centre work builds upon previously learned skills and emphasizes artistry and technique executed with precision and clarity. Focus is on thoroughly examining battu work, linking larger steps with clearly defined footwork, and being able to transfer clean technique to more complex combinations. Highly advanced steps and skills are introduced only when students are technically able and mentally ready. 


Students must register for

  • Ballet 5+*

  • Two additional Ballet 5+ classes

  • Conditioning for Dancers

  • Two performing arts or dance electives

Dance & Performing Arts Electives


Open Classes are available to students outside of DaySpring's Classical Ballet Program

Open Studio

Open Studio classes are for students enrolled in our Classical Ballet Program as well as any students who wish to continue ballet training but are unable to commit to the full Program requirements. Students must take a placement class to determine the appropriate class level.

Please email dance department head, Claire Ward, to determine level.

Conditioning for Dancers

This class will introduce dancers to strengthening and stretching exercises to enhance and support their ballet technique. A small portion of class time will be used to familiarize students with general kinesiological principles and basic functions of various muscle groups.

Required for Ballet 4+ students, by placement/permission for dance students ages 12+.



Monday - Thursday: 9am-8pm

Friday: 9am - 5pm

Saturday: 9am - 2pm

If you don't know who to contact, email us at info@dayspringarts.org.


2500 Metro Blvd.

Maryland Heights, MO 63043


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