Preschool Admissions Process

1. Sign Up for a Tour

Set up a tour with our Academy Director to learn more about our school and see if it's right for you.

This can be set up by contacting our Academy Director, Angie Mather, at

2. Create a Family Account

In order to be fill out an Academy application, you must create an account through our online system so we can get your basic information as well as receive your $50 Registration Fee (non-refundable).

Click the button to the left or, when asked to select a class, select the "Academy K-12 Application" class.

3. Fill Out the Application Form

Once you are in our online system, you will be redirected to fill out our comprehensive Academy Application Form (there will be a $60 Application Fee, non-refundable).

Prior to filling out this information, you will be asked to review the school handbook so you understand our policies.

4. Acceptance & Enrollment

Once you are accepted into the Academy, you will complete the enrollment process and begin to sign up for classes.

You must pay the $50 Enrollment Fee to begin enrolling for classes as well as a $75 Activity & Supply Fee - these fees are non-refundable

Online Registration Fee
$50 per family (non-refundable)
Academy Application Fee
$60 per family (non-refundable)

Enrollment Fees are due once your student has been accepted into the Academy

20-21 Enrollment Fee
$50 per family (non-refundable)
Activity & Supply Fees
$75 per student (non-refundable)
$40 per student - Friday Only (non-refundable)


For more information or to arrange a tour, please call the office at 314-291-8878 or email the Academy Director at:



Monday - Thursday: 9am-8pm

Friday: 9am - 5pm

Saturday: 9am - 2pm

The best way to contact us is through email, if you do not know who to send your email to please use


2500 Metro Blvd.

Maryland Heights, MO 63043


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