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Creative Movement +

This 45 minute class is an introduction to movement and dance with an emphasis on spatial awareness, basic coordination skills, and musicality, using ballet movement and creative stories. The dancers are encouraged to use their imagination throughout the entire class, and will learn how to manage themselves within the structure of the class.

Ages 3-5 | $70/mo | 9:15-10:00 

Taught By Amber Studebaker

Creative Arts Preschool

This class begins with Creative Movement (see above) and will transition into the full preschool by 10am. Our preschool provides opportunities to explore music and movement, art, and developmentally appropriate academic activities while developing a love of learning through rich hands-on experiences in a child-centered environment.    

Ages 3-5 | $255/mo ($2,295/yr) | 8:45-2:45pm 

Taught By Stephanie Graeler & Laura Gill  

Mini Musicians

Let's play together! This class is designed to introduce your little one to elements of music and movement, while fostering important developmental milestones. Caretakers participate with their child.

Ages Birth-3 | $75/mo | 9:15-10:15 

Taught By Crystal Chu

WeDo Lego Robotics

This class gives younger students an introduction to the basics of the Lego drag & drop programming  using the WeDo Lego Robotics platform. Students will build models and program them to meet specific challenges. They will also learn to incorporate the use of sensors to trigger movement. Each task starts by building the Lego structure and then hooking it up to the computer.  Students are then challenged to create a program that will help their Lego figure accomplish the given task.  Although there is some building in this class, the main focus is on the programming.

Ages 7-9 | $90/mo

Taught By Jaime Zayas

Pre-Musical Theatre §

This class is the perfect blend of musical theatre, circus, and acting skills for our young students. They will be given the opportunity to explore several aspects of our performing arts program with fast-paced games, skits, music basics, and dance instruction. This is a great starting point for budding performers to have an introduction to the arts, which will set them up to successfully participate in classes as they get older.  This class is designed to help students grow in confidence, communication, and cooperation all while having a lot of fun performing!

Ages 5-7 | $80/mo

Taught By Alle Head

Intro to Musical Theatre § +

An introduction to the world of musical theatre for the performer in your family! Your student will receive high-quality training in voice, dance, and drama for musical theatre, learning techniques such as vocal projection, stage presence, and character development. Depending on enrollment, this skill-building class will culminate in either a mini musical performance at the end of the year or by joining as ensemble of a larger musical production! 

Ages 7-9 | $80/mo

Taught By Katie Orr

Contemporary Modern 1 +

This class serves as an introduction to some common styles and basic principles of contemporary dance. Students will build awareness of correct physical alignment and will gain strength and coordination through movement. Exercises that encourage creativity and self-expression will also be given. This class is a perfect companion to Ballet 1 and 2 or can be taken alone, by students ages 10-13 who have little or no dance experience

Ages 10-13 | $80/mo

Taught By DS Dance Staff


Students will work on ensemble pieces, solo work, and technical fundamentals. All levels of experience are encouraged, as our capable instructor layers instruction to fit each student's ability. Whether you are a brand new beginner or an experienced player, all are welcome!

Ages 10-13 | $75/mo

Taught By Rob Miller

Paper Architecture

This class will combine Art + Architecture. Students will learn to create create 3 D structures through artistic exploration. This class uses everyday materials like paper, cardboard, legos, recyclable and natural materials to create interesting 3 dimensional structures.

Ages 10-13 | $80/mo

Taught By Pratima Murali


+ Performs in Finale in June

§  Performs in Fall Showcase and Spring Black Box Show

  *Performs in Fall Showcase and Finale in June.

Opportunity to perform in monthly recitals


Art Creators

Designed for young students to explore famous artists and the elements of art using a variety of materials including paint, oil pastel, clay, and much more! While learning about value, shape, color, line, form, and texture, students will be able to begin exploring their own creativity and make lots of fun and interactive projects each week!

Ages 5-6 | $80/mo

Taught By Angela Lamb