12:00-1:15 PM

Prices shown are approximate monthly prices with yearly prices in parenthesis.

Performing Arts Taster   * ∞

This class is a perfect blend of musical theatre, circus, and acting skills for our young students. They will be given the opportunity to explore several aspects of our performing arts program. This class will be fast-paced and active in order to keep young minds engaged and learning. This is a great starting point for budding performers; they will have an introduction to the arts, which will set them up to successfully participate in year-long classes in individual disciplines as they get older. 

Ages 5-6 | ~$74/mo ($665/yr)

Taught By Dianne Mueller 

Backyard Science

In this class, students will experiment with everyday items in order to make something fun and practical and also provide scientific insights into their world. The class will utilize Dorling Kindersley’s books and episodes from the TV show “Backyard Science.”

Ages 5-7 | ~$70/mo ($630/yr) 

Taught By Mariah Scott 

Circus A  * ∞

Offered by Kinetic Tapestry Physical Theatre company here in the very same building, this class is an introduction and development of everything circus.  This is a physically active class where students are introduced to juggling, balancing, tumbling, and clowning. It will challenge them to not only develop individual body control, be creative and expressive, but also how to work together with a group to a create fun and entertaining piece.

Ages 7-10 | ~$96/mo ($860/yr)

Taught By Jaime Zayas

Beginning Tap & Jazz  ∞ +

This upbeat class pairs wonderfully with Beginning Ballet or Musical Theatre, but can also be taken as a stand alone class. The tap portion of this class will focus on steps that use the different parts of the tap shoe to make specific sounds, while building correct technique. Basic tap vocabulary will be introduced/reviewed. In the Jazz portion of this class, students will learn correct basic alignment, posture, and vocabulary they will use as they begin to learn specific jazz styles in Jazz 1 and up. 

Ages 7-9 | ~$74/mo ($665/yr)

Taught By Christine Settembrino

Music Explorers 

Explore the world of music with us! Using percussion instruments, recorders, and their own voices, children will develop age appropriate, foundational musical and listening skills. They will begin to see the structure of songs by learning how to read music, playing pitched percussion and wind instruments, and singing and making music together. They will also get a glimpse of how people around the world have developed their unique expressions through music. - Recorder and music book is included in cost of the class.

Ages 7-9 | ~$72/mo ($645/yr)

Taught By Ana Villegas

Art Explorers

These project-based lessons are designed to teach students about the principles of art, by participating in a variety of projects using different media like ceramics, sculpture, drawing, and painting. Students will begin basic understanding of the elements and principles of art seen in both their own art and others’, including many famous artists in history in this fun and active class.

Ages 7-9  | ~$76/mo ($680/yr)

Taught By Ellen O'Shea

Acting Skills §#

Learn the skills you need to perform your part honestly and with confidence as you bring the scene from page to stage. This class covers basic acting skills, including creating the physicality of a character, pantomime, vocal variation, projection, diction, stage directions and terms, audition preparation and execution, comic timing and improvisation. We will put these skills into practice using monologues, scene work and drama games. This class is also great for building personal confidence, developing physical coordination and furthering cooperative skills of working with and trusting others.

Ages 10-13 | ~$74/mo ($665/yr)

Taught By Vanessa Waggoner-Zayas

Beginning Music Theory & Skills

Understanding the “language” of music is essential to growing as a musician. Students will learn how to read, write, and understand basic musical elements by analyzing rhythm, melody, and harmony in the context of simple music scores. To get the most benefit from this study, students should have some current or prior music experience (class or private lessons in instrumental or voice). - Prep and Book 1 Theory books from the Music Development Program of the Royal Conservatory of Music are included in price. 

Ages 10-13 | ~$73/mo ($655/yr)

Taught By Debora Pedigo

Beginning Contemporary

Modern Dance ∞ +

This class serves as an introduction to some common styles and basic principles of contemporary dance. Students will build awareness of correct physical alignment and will gain strength and coordination through movement. Exercises that encourage creativity and self-expression will also be given. This class is a perfect companion to Ballet 1 and 2 or can be taken alone, by students ages 10-13 who have little or no dance experience.

Ages 10-13 | ~$74/mo ($665/yr)

Taught By Mary Clermont


+ Perform in Finale in June

§ Performs in Fall Showcase and Spring Black Box Show

* Performs in Fall Showcase and Finale in June.

∞ Includes a parent observation day

# Students are eligible to audition for the full-length Drama 

   show performing in December



Monday - Friday 9am-5pm

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