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Prices shown are monthly.

PreBallet & Tap + ++

This class focuses on building natural coordination (the foundation of classical ballet) using hopping, skipping, jumping, and galloping.  Creativity remains a large part of this class so as to encourage artistry. Ballet class etiquette is clearly defined and implemented. In tap the focus is making certain sounds with the taps and attempting to dance in time with the music.

Ages 5-6 | $82

Taught By TBA 

Magic School Bus Science

This class is sure to be an adventure! As a class, we will explore the world with Miss Frizzle. After watching Magic School Bus Episodes and reading books as a class, we will dive deeper into the topics covered through in-class lessons and activities.

Ages 5-7 | $73 

Taught By Mariah Scott 

Circus A * ++

Offered by Kinetic Tapestry Physical Theatre company here in the very same building, this class is an introduction and development of everything circus.  This is a physically active class where students are introduced to juggling, balancing, tumbling, and clowning. It will challenge them to not only develop individual body control, be creative and expressive, but also how to work together with a group to a create fun and entertaining piece.

Ages 7-10 | $94

Taught By Jaime Zayas

Beginning Tap & Jazz + ++

This upbeat class pairs wonderfully with Beginning Ballet or Ballet 1 but can also be taken as a stand alone class. The Tap portion of this class will focus on steps that use the different parts of the tap shoe to make specific sounds while building correct technique. Basic tap vocabulary will be introduced/reviewed. In the Jazz portion of this class, students will learn basic jazz techniques as well as correct alignment, posture, and vocabulary.

Ages 7-11 | $82

Taught By TBA

Music Conservatory ++

Music Conservatory is designed to engage the older student in specific musical skills of melodic and rhythmic reading on Orff and other instruments, such as the recorder. Pitch matching and good singing technique will be emphasized with higher level activities that expose the student to history’s great composers using guided listening activities. This class may also be repeated to encourage thorough development for students considering music study in choral or instrumental settings as well as private lesson study.

Ages 7-9 | $78

Taught By Mary Bryant

Art Composers

Students will be encouraged to take on their own creativity while learning about a variety of artists and applying the elements and principles. They will have the opportunity to explore mediums such as paint, clay, paper mache, charcoal and more all while practicing the principles and elements of art.

Ages 8-10  | $82

Taught By Mariel Lanier

Acting Skills # ++ >

Learn the skills you need to perform your part honestly and with confidence as you bring the scene from page to stage. This class covers basic acting skills including creating the physicality of a character, pantomime, vocal variation, projection, diction, stage directions and terms, audition preparation and execution,  comic timing and improvisation. We will put these skills into practice using monologues, scene work and drama games. This class is also great for building personal confidence, developing physical coordination and furthering cooperative skills of working with and trusting others.

Ages 10-13 | $82

Taught By Vanessa Waggoner-Zayas

Beginning Music Theory & Skills

Come learn music’s language with your friends to help you progress more quickly in your private music lesson study! Music Theory is the “language” of music; learn how to write it, transpose it, and read it better! This class is designed for beginners and may be repeated one year. Prep and Book 1 Theory books from the Music Development Program of the Royal Conservatory of Music will be used. For students studying any instrument or voice.

Ages 10-13 | $78

Taught By Elizabeth Kusterer

Advancing Music Theory & Skills

For any students who have completed the “Beginning Music Theory & Skills” class, OR can pass a general exam covering a basic understanding of Music Theory as covered in the beginning class. This class is designed to continue a pursuit of how music “works” and exploring the development of skills needed to analyze and even compose simple musical scores. The class will include developing listening skills, understanding rhythmic structure, writing melody and harmony combinations, as well as bits of music history related to different composition periods. The Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum will be used as a foundation for study, quickly progressing from Book 2 through Book 3 and into Book 4.

Ages 10-13 | $78

Taught By Elizabeth Kusterer & Staff


+ Perform in Finale in June

* Perform in Fall Showcase and Finale in June

>  Performs in Fall Showcase and The Actor's Spotlight in     

    the spring.

# Students are eligible to audition for the full-length drama

   show performing in December

++ Includes a parent observation day



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