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Prices shown are approximate monthly prices with yearly prices in parenthesis.

Happy Readers

This class is great for emerging readers.  It will introduce kids to awesome children’s literature to get them excited about books and reading and help them develop the skills to discuss stories with others.  We will choose classic children’s literature that you will be able to access through your local library, if you want to have the book at home during the week as well.  In class, we will read part or all of the books depending on their length. Then we will spend the rest of the class responding to the story through activities like crafts, role-playing, games, and making our own picture books.  -This program does not teach kids to read.

Ages 5-6 | ~$70/mo ($630/yr)

Taught By TBA

Suzuki Violini 1

Join the movement of teaching violin that has proven successful for many years for young students and their parents. Students learn fundamentals of posture, instrument care, relaxed movement, and tone production. At the conclusion of the introductory level, students should be able to move from rest position to playing position with their instruments and play Twinkle Variation A. Parental involvement is essential at this beginning stage, and parents should be able to commit to daily practice with their child. -Required materials are Suzuki Book 1 CD and a rental instrument, and enrollment in private lessons is strongly recommended.

Ages 5-6 | ~$68/mo ($610/yr)

Taught By Betsey Karako

Performing Arts Taster *

This class is the perfect blend of musical theatre, circus, and acting skills for our young students. They will be given the opportunity to explore several aspects of our performing arts program. This class will be fast-paced and active in order to keep young minds engaged and learning.  This is a great starting point for budding performers; they will have an introduction to the arts which will set them up to successfully participate in year-long classes in individual disciplines as they get older.

Ages 5-6 | ~$74/mo ($665/yr)

Taught By TBA

Art Explorers

These project-based lessons are designed to teach students about the principles of art.  They will participate in a variety of projects using different media like ceramics, sculpture, drawing, and painting.  Students will begin basic understanding of the elements and principles of art seen in both their own art and others’ including many famous artists in history. This is a very fun and active class for eager kids!

Ages 7-9 | ~$76/mo ($680/yr)

Taught By Mariel Lanier

Mad Scientists Club

Science really is fun! It is all around us...and even in us! Using hands on experiments, activities and projects we will explore the world around us! We will investigate many different topics in science including physics, earth science, chemistry, weather, animal science, plant science, the human body and much more! Topics will be covered in interactive classes that incorporate hands on activities in a way sure to engage and excite!

Ages 7-9 | ~$70/mo ($630/yr)

Taught By Mariah Scott

Beginning Contemporary Modern Dance  +

This class serves as an introduction to some common styles and basic principles of contemporary dance. Students will build awareness of correct physical alignment and will gain strength and coordination through movement. Exercises that encourage creativity and self-expression will also be given. This class is a perfect companion to Ballet 1 and 2 or can be taken alone by students ages 10-13, who have little or no dance experience.

Ages 7-9 | ~$74/mo ($665/yr)

Taught By TBA

Young Actors  §#

Learn the foundational skills and concepts of acting through fun theatre games and scenes. In this class, we will focus on stage directions, the physicality of the actor, movement silence, knowing your space, projection, diction, facial expressions, pantomime expression, vocal variation, learning lines, remembering cues, working with props, and improvisation. This class also increases personal confidence, develops physical coordination, and builds cooperative skills of working with and trusting others.

Ages 7-9 | ~$74/mo ($665/yr)

Taught By Vanessa Waggoner-Zayas

Guitar Class

Guitar class is the perfect place to learn music on your own instrument in an encouraging group setting. This class will focus on music making from the start! Students will have fun playing songs together as an ensemble and will be invited to perform on the instrumental recital! -Nylon String Classical Guitar and footstool needed.  

Ages 10-13 | ~$71/mo ($635/yr)

Taught By TBA

Cirus A *

Offered by Kinetic Tapestry Physical Theatre company here in the very same building, this class is an introduction and development of everything circus. This is a physically active class where students are introduced to juggling, balancing, tumbling, and clowning. It will challenge them to not only develop individual body control, be creative and expressive, but also how to work together with a group to a create fun and entertaining piece.   

Ages 10-13 | ~$96/mo ($860/yr)

Taught By Jaime Zayas

Beginning Tap & Jazz    ∞+

This upbeat class pairs wonderfully with Beginning Ballet or Musical Theatre 1/Intro, but can also be taken as a stand-alone class. The tap portion of this class will focus on steps that use the different parts of the tap shoe to make specific sounds while building correct technique. Basic tap vocabulary will be introduced. In the jazz portion of this class, students will learn correct basic alignment, posture, and vocabulary they will use as they begin to learn specific jazz styles in Jazz 1 and up.

Ages 10-13, or by placement | ~$74/mo ($665/yr)

Taught By TBA

Beginning/ Intermediate Instruments

Take your next step as a musician and learn an orchestra instrument: flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, horn, snare drum, bells, violin, viola, or cello. Students will learn music reading and theory through the standardized curriculum “Sound Innovations” to develop proficiency on their given instrument. Instrument families study together in the fall for appropriate progress; then, students combine more frequently in the spring to develop skill as a complete ensemble. Depending upon age and skill progression, this class may be repeated once. Beginners, consider private lessons in the summer to get a great start for class. -Students provide their own instruments, accessories, and book.

Ages 10-13 | ~$76/mo ($685/yr)

Taught By TBA

Clever Coding Kids

Learn what it's like to be a real programmer!  In this class, students will learn to use simple commands in a basic JavaScript to create cool apps that really work.  They will start each lesson with a simple 4-line code that introduces a concept. Next, they will work on project apps that apply the concept, and finally they will be presented with challenge apps, that take their learning to a higher level.  As they build their apps, they will be learning how to use text commands, as well as how to create movement and sound in their app. The majority of this class will be students typing in code on the computer and troubleshooting their programs. If students have their own laptops, they are welcome to bring them, and we will set them up so they can use the program at home during the week as well.

Ages 10-13 | ~$70/mo ($630/yr)

Taught By TBA


+ Perform in Finale in June

§ Performs in Fall Showcase and Spring Black Box Show

* Performs in Fall Showcase and Finale in June.

∞ Includes a parent observation day

# Students are eligible to audition for the full-length Drama 

   show performing in December



Our staff is currently working from home, therefore the building will not be open regular hours. The best way to contact us is through email, if you do not know who to send your email to please use office@dayspringarts.org.


We are still accepting mail for payment or forms.  


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