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Latest COVID Updates



 Updates to DaySpring Mask Policies as of 3/3/22


With the recent changes in requirements in St. Louis County and recommendations from the CDC, DaySpring has decided to go “Mask Optional”, with some important considerations that we will be honoring. 


This transition time calls for grace and understanding that different families have different risk factors and may make different choices based on them. We have found that many of our staff and teachers are not ready to be unmasked at all times at DaySpring, as well as some families with students who continue to need protection, or are just not yet ready to shed the masks. We want to ensure that everyone at DaySpring feels safe in their classrooms and in their jobs here.  


We see this as being a gradual transition and will allow anyone, student or teacher or staff, to continue wearing a mask at any time and we will make special accommodations for any teacher who might be immune compromised and needs more protection from the students, as we are already doing.  We will also be assessing our plan regularly to accommodate our teachers and staff, as well as students in classes who need special care.


We would like everyone to respect these new guidelines/policies and everyone’s choices going forward.

  • Anyone who chooses may still wear a mask until they become comfortable to remove it. 


  • There may be requirements for masking for all students in a class in which a teacher or a student is particularly vulnerable to illness or for short times for other illnesses. We will continue masking in those classes until further notice.  Department Heads will reach out to specific classes with any special accommodations. Please check your email tomorrow.

  • For the time being, please have your child bring a mask each day, whether or not they plan to wear it all day in case it is needed in a particular class or situation, in consideration of whom you might encounter who would need to be protected throughout the day.

  • Any parent who wishes for their child to wear a mask in class or in private lessons should let the academy or arts director and the student’s teachers know.

  • Any class or private lesson teacher may request from the Directors of Arts or Academy that their students wear masks.

  • We will not tolerate teasing or harassing toward students who choose to wear masks or those who choose not to.


We hope that we are finally putting the pandemic in the rearview mirror, but we also know that this virus has surprised us before.  If case counts in the area rise and St. Louis County Health guidance again recommends that schools require masking, we will revisit this policy. We will also keep a close eye on cases, and if it rises significantly in those in our population, we will return to universal masking for a short while, or until it goes below 3% of our population. 


As before, we will follow the newest recommendations for the return to school from the CDC and StL County which are on our website. If you or anyone in your immediate family tests positive, please report to the Executive Director immediately. Your name will be kept private.

DaySpring Winter Return to Classes - Updated January 10, 2022


Our policies continue to follow the recommendations set by the St. Louis County Health Department. Please read the new
"Public Health Advisory" and "Home Isolation Instructions"  published on December 29th to see the differences, which include:

  • 5 day Isolation after a positive test

  • A negative test after 24 hours with no symptoms

  • After that you may return if:

    • fever has been resolved without medication, AND

    • no symptoms for 24 hours, AND

    • no runny nose, & minimal, non productive cough AND

    • a Negative Antigen test to confirm you are not contagious before returning. 

  • You must wear a mask tightly for another 5 days.


As usual please also… 

  • communicate with those whom you may have been in close contact, and

  • let us know when your positive test was taken, and when the first symptoms occurred. 

We are taking many precautions to keep our school safe, and our students protected. These include

  • ventilation

  • cleaning

  • spaced out classroom, studio and lunch spaces

  • strict masking throughout the day. 


Thank you for working with us through this continuously challenging time!! 

Nancy Bortosky, Executive Director, with the Board of Directors


DaySpring Fall 2021 Return to Classes - Updated August 27, 2021


General Policies

  • Health screenings 

    • DaySpring will be screening the health of everyone who enters the building through a questionnaire and temperature check immediately upon entering the building. Please complete the Health Screening Form before arriving at DaySpring. Health Screening Form.

  • Masks 

    • Everyone in the building age 3 and above must wear a mask.  Due to the more transmissible nature of the Delta variant, typical plastic shields will no longer be allowed instead of a mask (except in certain situations or when required with a doctor’s note). Plastic shields may be worn in addition to a mask.  Plastic half shields will not be allowed..

    • Some instructors may utilize special full face shields while instructing students and will be physically distanced. 

    • Please bring your own mask.  We have a limited supply of disposable masks if you forget yours.

    • We recommend all students wear a mask and bring a second mask each day in case they need to change it.

    • Modified Quarantine: According to the Health Dept. guidelines for schools, if classrooms are regularly masked, and if someone tests positive for COVID, students will not need to quarantine unless they show symptoms. This will not necessarily be true for classes in which we have made special accommodations.

  • Cleaning

    • Classrooms and public spaces will be cleaned regularly throughout the day.

    • Ventilation in our building has been assessed and is at better than normal levels. 


Social/Physical distancing

  • Plexiglass barriers have been placed at the front desk and reception area to minimize exposure.

  • Directional markings will be put in all public areas and hallways to facilitate one way traffic.

  • Class sizes will be adjusted to accommodate requirements set forth by the county.


Personal Hygiene

  • Avoid physical touch: Teachers and Staff will avoid physical touch with anyone and wash hands immediately afterward if touch is necessary. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands.

  • Cover coughs and sneezes. Practice good respiratory etiquette.

  • Avoid close contact at all times with people who are sick.

  • Students will wash their hands before and after lunch with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. 

  • When use of soap and running water is impractical, they will use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer which will be in every room. 


Going Virtual  - It is unlikely that this will be the case unless there is an overwhelming growth in the number of cases in St. Louis. 

  • If a classroom is shut down for an outbreak of COVID

    • Virtual classes will be offered, no changes in tuition

  • As soon as we are again allowed to have classes we will return to in person classes.


​Building access

  • At this time we are unable to invite parents into the building except for the drop off and pickup procedures outlined below.  

  • Volunteers for special circumstances will be allowed. 



  • Drop off

    • Students should not arrive any earlier than 10 minutes before the class time and must be accompanied by a parent until the classroom is open. If you need special accommodations for this, please email your department head. 

    • Enter and exit the building through the front doors

    • Parents must wear a mask over their nose and mouth. 

    • Everyone who enters the building must complete the Health Screening form before they enter.

  • Directional markings will be put in certain areas and hallways to reduce contact.


Lobby Use

  • Only parents waiting with students may remain in the building, parents must otherwise exit the building.


Pick up 

  • If not already done that same day, complete Health Screening, wear a mask over nose and mouth and go directly to the students classroom to pick them up and exit the building through the front door. 

  • Preschool through 6th grade Academy:  parents should pick up their students at the classroom door.

  • 7th and up Academy: Teachers walk students to the dock door (by the Circus Barn) and parents will drive around to pick up students



  • Students ages 3 & up must wear a face covering, while in the building unless at lunch.

  • Belongings: Students may bring one bag for all of their belongings. 

    • All students must bring their own water bottle. 

    • Students should not bring extra items to classes. 

  • In the classroom:

    • Follow each class’s rules for safe learning in the classroom.

    • Teachers will be encouraging physical distancing throughout classes when appropriate. 

  • Lunch

    • Preschool through 4th grade will eat in their classrooms in cohorts/pods. 

    • 5th through 12th: Classes will be taken outside whenever possible, or into a larger room to spread out. Students will eat in chosen cohorts/pods.


Department Notes

  • Art

    • Masks are required for all arts classes.

    • Art supplies will be dispensed in plastic containers with students’ names on them. Sharing of art supplies will be kept to a minimum, and sanitizing will take place after every use.

    • Students will wash hands after every class.

    • Students will have a designated spot for backpack, coat, and personal belongings.

    • Students will be limited to 4 at a table.

  • Dance

    • The Dressing Room will be closed to all students. Students may bring one bag for all of their belongings and should bring it into the studio with them. 

    • Students must wear dance shoes into the studio.

    • Each student will have a designated chair or marked spot for their belongings. 

    • Students will be taught (and reminded at the start of every class) what to do if they feel their breathing is being restricted by their mask.

  • Performing Arts

    • For performance based classes, a particular type of full face shields will be allowed during class.  Students will be required to wear masks traveling to and from the classroom and can only wear these particular shields within the class. Students will also be distanced while wearing shields. 

      • The shield providing the most coverage we have found is the ZShield Wrap, which is available in adult and kids sizes. This will be the required shield for all Musical Theatre and Acting classes. We will purchase them and pass them on to you with a small fee.  Students will sanitize their own shield after classes and the shields will be stored at DaySpring.

      • While we think this is a fairly safe option given the needs of a musical theatre class, this does not meet the criteria for modified quarantine, so if there is a positive case in the class, all unvaccinated and any symptomatic vaccinated close contacts will need to quarantine for 10 days

    • During Circus classes, students will be allowed to remove their masks when actively tumbling and on the aerial equipment, so there is not a chance of the masks slipping and obstructing a student’s sight. Students will be distanced at these times. 

    • Each student will have a designated chair for their belongings with space in between other chairs. 

    • Any shared items used will be disinfected between uses.

  • Music

    • Masks are required for all music classes except private voice lessons and private lessons for certain instruments that are played with the mouth.

    • Private voice lessons may be taught and taken with student and teacher not wearing masks if adequately spaced and teacher, student, and parent agree to the arrangement in writing. Plexiglass barriers will also be used. 

    • Lessons for certain instruments will have other accommodations to keep students & teachers safe. Please contact your teacher ahead of time if you have questions.

    • Private lesson studios will be cleaned in between lessons.

    • Some lessons will be adjusted to take place in larger rooms to accommodate lessons including singing which need more space for safety.

  • Enrichment

    • Lunch

      • Please prepare your students to be able to open their own containers or use containers your child will be successful in opening.

      • Teachers will wear gloves as they help with lunch

      • Students will help sanitize the table and chairs they use after lunch

      • Students will wash hands before and after lunch.

    • Changing Clothes-In order to eliminate the need for students to change clothes between classes, the following allowances will be made for dance classe​s:

      • Creative Movement, PreBallet & Tap, Dance Discoverers - Students may choose to wear solid leggings or above-knee shorts, a solid top, and thin socks (optional) instead of leotard/dance dress and tights. Ballet shoe drawstrings should be knotted and trimmed to about 1” before the first class

      • Ballet 2 - Solid leggings (full or knee length) and thin socks (optional) may be worn instead of tights. 

      • Circus - Solid leggings or above-knee shorts, leotard (girls only), a solid top, and acro shoes. Students may choose to wear a sleeveless cotton tank top tightly tucked in instead of leotard under their top."

      • Beginning Ballet, Ballet 1, Beginning Tap & Jazz, Beginning Contemporary Modern - Solid leggings (full or knee length), a solid fitted tank or tee shirt, and thin socks (optional) may be worn instead of leotards and tights. Ballet shoe drawstrings should be knotted and trimmed to about 1” before the first class. 


Teachers and Staff Guidelines for your information

  • Avoid physical touch with students or wash hands immediately afterward if touch is necessary.

  • Wear a face covering when with students.

  • Maintain social/physical distance from other teachers and staff while at DaySpring.

  • Wash hands before and after each class with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. When soap and running water are unavailable, use an alcohol-based hand rub with at least 60% alcohol.

  • Avoid touching eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands.

  • Practice good respiratory etiquette, including covering coughs and sneezes.

  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.

  • Staff will wear close-fitting masks over their nose and mouth when not in public spaces, unless at the times of exceptions listed above. 

  • A cleaning crew member will be in the building each day.



  • If you are sick:

    • If your student is exhibiting any cold or flu symptoms or fever, please stay home.

    • If a parent/guardian is exhibiting cold or flu symptoms or fever do not enter the building.  

  • If you know you have been exposed to COVID-19

    • Please quarantine yourself until you are tested and are shown to be negative. 

  • If you or anyone in your immediate family tests positive, please report to the Executive Director immediately. Your name will be kept private. 

  • In the case of a positive case reported within DaySpring, we will follow the procedures recommended by the St. Louis County Health Department for the safety of everyone at DaySpring. 


Thanks so much for being here at DaySpring. We’re committed to keeping DaySpring a safe, clean, and healthy place for everyone, and we will be adjusting our protocols as needed as time goes on. 

In response to the latest St. Louis County Requirement - Updated August 24, 2020


DaySpring will comply with requirements for face coverings for everyone beginning at Kindergarten age. 


"We recognize that the Covid-19 restrictions may affect your child’s ability to take in-person classes. While these restrictions are in effect, most Fall arts classes are able to be live-streamed upon request as well as a hybrid option for full-time students in the academy (Kindergarten - 4th grade). Please contact each department for more information.


Dance Department:

Fine Arts Department:

Performing Arts

Music Department:


Please see the appropriate documents for more details about specific requirements for the various disciplines.

We're going to get through this, friends!!!

Nancy Bortosky 

Executive Director

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