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COVID Protocols | Academy

DaySpring Academy - Fall 2020 Return to Classes - Updated August 24, 2020, January 29, 2021


  • Tuesday/Thursday and Preschool Academy

    • Parents should

      • Complete Health Screening for your family each day before you enter the building.

      • Drop off and pick up students at the classroom door. Wear a mask.

      • Socially distance.

      • Keep discussions with teachers brief.

      • Take conversations with other parents outside.

      • Please prepare your students to be able to open their own containers or use containers your child will be successful in opening.

    • Students

      • All Students Kindergarten & up are required to wear a mask while in the building IF not socially distanced. Students should also have an additional clean mask in a plastic bag with them everyday in case a situation arises where it is needed.

    • Teachers will...

      • Complete Health Screening each day before you enter the building.

      • Wear gloves when assisting with lunch boxes and water bottles. 

  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday Academy

    • Parents

      • Morning Drop off students at the front of the building

        • Parents may enter the building, if necessary, but must wear a mask and complete the health screening

      • Afternoon Pick up - 

        • DawnTreaders - Parents enter the building to get students from their classroom. Must wear a face covering and take health screening , if not already done that same day.

        • SpringBoarders - Teachers walk students to the Back (Blue) Door and release them to parents in the back lot.

        • High School - Teachers walk students to the dock door (by the Circus Barn)

        • Students who drive and do not have after school classes must leave upon dismissal

        • Students who have an arts class after Academy will go to their next classroom to wait and socially distance

    • Students

      • All Students must wear a mask while in the building. Please bring at least 2 masks so you can change after lunch or when necessary. 

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