Acting is the foundation of all the performing arts.  Musical Theatre performers must learn to act the song, dancers must learn to tell a story without words.  Musicians must tell the story of their music.  Actors in a play must understand their objective, the tactics their character uses and finally the obstacles that stand in their way.  The study of Drama is the understanding of these principles.  Through the training process, students at DaySpring, no matter how young, become skilled in creating realistic and heightened characters that live in their whole body.  They also become skilled in using their voice to not only make them audible but believable and entertaining!  Alongside this, students learn invaluable skills in teamwork, creativity, focus and attention.  The Drama program at DaySpring is designed to support and enhance the training they receive in other areas and also to stand alone. 

  • Individual drama classes will perform in Fall Showcase and "The Actor's Spotlight" in April.

  • Tickets are sold for each performance.

  • Students enrolled in drama class are eligible to audition for a full-length drama show performing in the Fall.

Young Actors 
Ages 7-9

++  ^

Learn the foundational skills and concepts of acting through fun theatre games and scenes. In this class we will focus on Stage directions, physicality of the actor, movement silence, knowing your space, projection, diction, facial expressions, pantomime expression, vocal variation, learning lines, remembering cues, working with props and improvisation. This class also increases personal confidence, develops physical coordination and builds cooperative skills  of working with and trusting others.

Acting Skills 
Ages 9-13

++ # ^

Learn the skills you need to perform your part honestly and with confidence as you bring the scene from page to stage. This class covers some basic acting skills including creating the physicality of a character, pantomime, vocal variation, projection, diction, stage directions and terms, audition preparation and execution,  comic timing and improvisation. We will put these skills into practice using monologues, scene work and drama games. This class is also great for building personal confidence, developing physical coordination and furthering cooperative skills of working with and trusting others. The Friday class is geared towards older beginners, students with drama experience should attend the Monday class.  The Friday class is geared towards older beginners, students with drama experience should attend the Monday class.

Drama Techniques
Ages 14 & Up

>  ++ # ^

An opportunity for students to discover their dramatic side, grow in confidence, develop communication skills & the ability to work in groups as they explore stories & drama techniques.  We will look at some basic acting techniques, including creating a character, finding the life of the character, understanding the secrets of the scene, improvisation and bringing the scene from page to stage.


++ Performs in Fall Showcase and The Actor's Spotlight in the spring.

#  Students are eligible to audition September for the full-length drama show performing in December.

^  Includes a parent observation day.

>  Perform in Finale in June.



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Our staff is currently working from home, therefore the building will not be open regular hours. The best way to contact us is through email, if you do not know who to send your email to please use office@dayspringarts.org.


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