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About Our Program

The Fine Arts Department is based on professional and high quality training to encourage every artist in their own creativity.  We offer training in a variety mediums including drawing, painting, ceramics and other media. With qualified and experienced teachers, our goal is to develop the students’ creativity as we are equipping them with tools and understanding about the elements of visual art. This is done by examining great works of art, discussing the important elements in them, and applying those elements to the student’s own projects.


Our Friday Enrichment program offers a variety of arts & academic classes with professionals in their fields to supplement your homeschool curriculum.  Classes at our Maryland Heights Location take place during the day on Fridays.  Below are the fine art class offerings. Visit our Enrichment Friday page for more information on how to make a full day!

Art Creators

Ages 5-6

Designed for young students to explore famous artists and the elements of art using a variety of materials including paint, oil pastel, clay, and much more! While learning about value, shape, color, line, form, and texture, students will be able to begin exploring their own creativity and make lots of fun and interactive projects each week!

Art Explorers

Ages 7-9

These project-based lessons are designed to teach students about the principles of art.  They will participate in a variety of projects using different media like ceramics, sculpture, drawing, and painting.  Students will begin basic understanding of the elements and principles of art seen in both their own art and others’ including many famous artists in history. This is a very fun and active class for eager kids!

Art Innovators

Ages 10-13

Students will be able to explore a variety of different media and create projects that reflect individualism, creativity, and technical skills. Projects will be multi-week  and will be given in a particular unit of media including bookmaking, drawing, painting, printmaking, and ceramics. This class will encourage learning technical skills while maintaining creativity and lots of fun! 

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