Advanced Vocal Ensemble - Sounds Like Teen Spirit
Ages 13 & Up, by audition


This class will hone vocal skills while singing fun and interesting pieces in a group setting. Experience close harmonies, vocal styles, and modern music as the group performs and develops skills in blending, vocal production, pitch control and expression. Choral or performing experience required - voice lessons preferred.  Must audition to register.

Suzuki Violin Intro
Ages 3-10

Join the movement of teaching violin that has proven successful for many years for young students and their parents. Students learn fundamentals of posture, instrument care, relaxed movement and tone production. At the conclusion of the Introductory level, students should be able to move from rest position to playing position with their instruments and play Twinkle Variation A. While private lessons in addition to the group class are strongly encouraged for optimal student success, they are not required. Parental involvement is essential at this beginning stage, and should be able to commit to daily practice with their child. An introductory meeting will educate parents about Suzuki philosophy and give them tools to help them effectively carry out their role as a practicing parent at home. Required materials are Suzuki Volume 1 book and CD, and a rental instrument.

Juilliard Junior
Ages 5-6


Juilliard Junior is the prime time for young children to connect with music through their voice and body. Students will learn age-appropriate classical, folk, and world music with Orff instruments, including  xylophone and unpitched percussion instruments. Activity-based songs engage even reluctant singers to participate and learn pitch-matching skills for better singing! Rhythmic and melodic reading skills will be introduced to lay a foundation of musical knowledge and skill for a well-developed progression in music learning.

This class is part of our Enrichment Program on Fridays. Click here on info about making a full day!

Music Conservatory
Ages 7-9

Music Conservatory is meant to help older students advance further in specific musical skills melodic and rhythmic reading on Orff and other instruments, such as the recorder. Pitch matching and good singing technique will be emphasized with higher level activities that expose the student to history’s great composers using guided listening activities. This class may also be repeated to encourage thorough development for students considering music study in choral or instrumental settings as well as private lesson study.

This class is part of our Enrichment Program on Fridays. Click here on info about making a full day!

Elementary Instruments for Band & Orchestra Class
Ages 10-14


Students with a desire to playing traditional band and orchestra instruments -including flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, horn, snare drum, bells, violin, viola, cello-- will learn fundamentals of music reading and theory and develop proficiency to perform on their given instrument. Instrument families study together in the Fall, then combine more frequently in the Spring to develop performance skills in an ensemble. This class may be repeated once. Parents  should give strong consideration to private lessons as a support for this class. Students provide their own instrument, accessories and book.

This class is part of our Enrichment Program on Fridays. Click here on info about making a full day!

Music Theory & Skills

Music Theory is the “language” of music, just like writing and grammar is behind our spoken language. Exploring music’s written language away from the practice room allows a student to progress much more quickly in their developmental skill of a given instrument. Student progress will be measured using the appropriate level theory, history, technique and ear training material from the Music Development Program of the Royal Conservatory of Music. Enrollment in Private Studio Lessons or a vocal/instrumental ensemble class is required. Classes will be arranged in groups based on enrollment. Music Theory is for all students studying any level of music.

This class is part of our Enrichment Program on Fridays. Click here on info about making a full day!


^  Includes a parent observation day.

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