6-8 Week & 1-2 Day Sessions in the Arts

Now offering arts classes in short sessions for students wanting to refine their skills or try something new without the commitment of a year-long class!


Enhance your training with specialized short term classes in those skills that can help you stand out from the crowd. These classes compliment musical theater and drama training while giving students the chance to explore specific areas of their craft.

Acting for the Camera

Learn how to take your acting skills from the stage to film.

Fundamentals of Music Theory for the MT Performer 

This accelerated theory class will help you understand the language of music, including melody, rhythm, and harmonic intervals.

Music Fundamentals for Musical Theatre is the required book for this session. Please order before first class.
Cost: $35


Fast-Track Ukulele

Do you have an ukulele lying around that you've always wanted to play but only learned one chord? Take our 6 week class and learn lots of chords! By the end of this session you'll be playing tunes like a pro and able to be the star of any gathering.

Intro to Jazz

Listen up jazzy cats! We'll be exploring different jazz tunes and learning about jazz history in this short session. Come dive into the fascinating genre and gain more skills to add to your musicianship!

Music Tech

Ever wondered how artists produce such amazing tracks? In this session we will learn how to manipulate music and sound using digital audio workstations. Students will be able to practice recording and mixing their own songs, making their very own produced track.


Drawing Lab

Learning ways to draw is a foundation skill for all artists! The session will cover Contour Drawing, Scribble Drawing and using line to create patterns called Tangles. Students will create drawings and add color to finalize their projects!

Intro to Photography

This beginners photography course will teach students how to create amazing photographs and unique images. This class will explore the basics of using camera angles, zoom, and lighting to create their masterpieces! Personal devices are encouraged, but not required!

The Popular Art of Mandala Design

Have you ever thought of combining math with art? Mandala art is all about using line, symmetry, and balance to create original art. Students will consider geometry as they create designs and then add color!

Collaborative Mural Design

Art can be collaborative too! Students will discuss components of design and create a mural design together, then use markers and paint to add color!

Architecture 101

Students will look at many great buildings, such as Notre Dame, and learn about how simple shapes were used to begin designing these types of structures. Students will complete drawings and then use watercolor to wash in color.