In addition to class time, students in all the tech classes gain much of their training during required involvement in hands on training to build sets and work with tech instruments, achieving certification to progress in the classes.  These include about 10 Saturday Work days to construct, tech weeks of performances, including “strike” at the end, and portfolio review at the end of the school year. 

Tech Theatre Into 

Students will be trained in the foundations of Tech Theatre, including basic skills of set construction, lighting, sound design, costuming, and stage management. In this course, students will get certification in personal safety, tool management, and building construction.

Intermediate Tech Theatre

Ages 12 & Up

This class will build on the foundations of the Intro Tech Theatre class, including further advanced skills of set construction, hand drafting, basic lighting, prop management, and stage management. Achieving certification in these areas is required for Adv. Class. By Instructor Permission.

Advanced Tech Theatre

Ages 12 & Up

Students will be trained more in depth in the areas of Tech Theatre, including hand drafting, computer drafting, costume rendering, and computer rendering, as well as website, resume, and card design.  After students have gone through each area, they will continue to work toward a specific area and become crew heads, having more hands on experience in the theatre. By Instructor Permission.

Tech Apprenticeship

Juniors & Seniors enrolled in Adv. Tech may receive more in-depth training and hands-on experience in a particular area. They will assist the Technical Director (TD) with administrative work, show preparation, run of the show, and other tasks specific to their chosen area of focused study such as Stage Management, Shop Manager, Props and Costumes Master, Lighting or Sound Designer. Students gain leadership skills and preparation for a college theatre program at a competitive level, and may be eligible to be hired as tech staff for work that will take place in our black box.  By instructor recommendation.

Stage Management

The Stage Manager is a key position in any successful theater production, serving the dual function of assistant to the director and production staff during the rehearsal period and then becoming the person in charge of the production during the actual performance.  Students will learn prompt script creation, rehearsal reports, blocking notation, moving toward stage managing a show within the season based on recommendation of teacher and tech director.  Open to MT 3 and Int/Adv Tech students. (Not eligible for multi-class discount.)

Tech Theatre Work Days

Ages 9 & Up

This is an opportunity for YOU to join us in the exciting and creative production process happening in our spacious workshop.  These are times for dance and performing arts students and/or parents to be able to help create the scenery and props for the shows.  Workdays provide valuable, hands-on experience for these performers, and it is incredibly rewarding!

Ages 9 & Up (with parents attending) 12 & up without.

Open Shop

Ages 12 & Up

You can be part of making the "magic" happen! Students will work under supervision in the shop preparing items for performances.  Registration is required for this workshop time and attendance will be expected. Limited enrollment, by teacher approval. (Free if registered for any level Tech Theatre class)

Costuming Basics

Ages 14 & Up

Learn basic costume crew skills by working on pieces being used for DaySpring productions! Registration is required for this workshop time and attendance will be expected.  Limited enrollment, by teacher approval.



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