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In addition to class time, students in all tech classes gain much of their training through required involvement in hands on training to build sets and work with tech instruments, achieving certification to progress in the classes.  These include about 10 Saturday Work Days to construct, tech weeks of performances, including “strike” at the end, and portfolio review at the end of the school year. 

Tech Theatre 1

Ages 12-18

Students in Technical Theatre I will be trained backstage and within the performance space, by learning the tools in the shop and paint space, basic skills of set construction and what it takes to participate on a stage crew. Projects in this course will emphasize safe and correct tool usage in a variety of circumstances, building items from a printed plan, and following verbal instructions to complete a build. 


In this course, students will get certification in personal safety, tool management, and building construction.

Typically, students will spend at least 2 years in the Technical Theatre 1 class.

Tech Apprenticeships

Once students have successfully learned all concepts from Technical Theatre II, they will be given the opportunity to work as the designer on one or more of DaySpring shows. Working with the Technical Director and Director, the student will design some technical aspects of a show.  Specifics of which area(s) they will design will be decided on an individual basis. The design process may include concept, design and budget meetings; consultation with the technical director; and creating drawings, renderings and worksheets relative to the designs.  Designers will also oversee implementation of their designs which could include running work days and/or the technical side of tech week rehearsals. Students, when not working on a design for a show, will also work with other Technical Theatre I2 students and instructors on projects and designs in the class.  This could also include teaching concepts they have learned and mastered in the class.  


PREREQUISITE: Completion of Technical Theatre 1 & 2 and Instructor Approval

Tech Club

Ages 13 & Up

Tech Club will be the opportunity to work on current productions at DaySpring in the Technical Theatre field. Students will have the chance to work hands on in the shop and will potentially be able to help with design elements for productions. Not only will students help construct the sets, they will also have an opportunity to work in the other Technical fields of Theatre, such as lighting, sound, costuming, and props. Tech Club will be run and supervised by the Technical Director. Standards of excellence will be expected as they are inside and outside of the classroom. Orientation days will be scheduled accordingly to allow new students a time to learn about the tools and material used for productions.

*Free if registered for any level Tech Theatre class

Tech Theatre Work Days

Ages 9 & Up

This is an opportunity for YOU to join us in the exciting and creative production process happening in our spacious workshop.  These are times for dance and performing arts students and/or parents to be able to help create the scenery and props for the shows.  Workdays provide valuable, hands-on experience for these performers, and it is incredibly rewarding!

*Ages 9 & Up (with parents attending),12 & Up without



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