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About Our Program

In addition to class time, students in all the tech classes gain much of their training during hands-on training to build sets and work with tech instruments, gaining the knowledge needed to progress in the classes. These include about some Saturday Work days to construct, tech weeks of performances, including “strike” at the end, and progress review at the end of the school year.

Intro to Tech Theatre
Ages 10-13

This Intro to Technical Theatre will give training in the classroom as well as in the DaySpring workshop! Students will get a taste of backstage roles, design elements, tools in the shop and paint space, and skills to help make a production happen!

The Friday class is a part of our Enrichment Friday Program and can be combined with other classes to create a full day! Click here for more information.

Tech Theatre

Ages 12-18

Students in Technical Theatre will be trained in the classroom as well as a hands-on lab in the DaySpring workshop! In the classroom they will learn fundamentals and design elements, and in the lab they will learn the tools in the shop and paint space and skills of set construction. Training continues backstage and within the performance space where they learn what it takes to participate on a stage crew. Projects in this course will emphasize safe and correct tool usage in a variety of circumstances, building items from a printed plan, and following verbal instructions to complete a build. In this course, students will get certification in personal safety, tool management, and building construction.


**This course meets Tuesday and Thursday

**Students in this course will participate in work days and tech weeks of all DaySpring Productions

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