DaySpring  Academy 


$90 Registration Fee

Supply fee:

     $75 (multi-day)

     $40 (Friday only)

The Application process

There is an application process that each new family must go through.  At your initial tour of the school, you will be given an application and handbook.  After reading through these documents, if you are interested in moving forward, you will fill out and return the application with the appropriate application fee for each student (see below). We will then set up the appropriate meetings, shadow dates or evaluations based on the level of your student.  Once your student has done a shadow day, meeting with the teacher, or an evaluation, we will schedule a parent interview. During the parent interview, we will go over the school’s recommendation for your student’s placement, policies, book lists, contract and any other relevant topics. The school will then send out acceptance letters beginning March 1st of the current school year. 

Once a family receives an acceptance letter, they must submit the final paperwork with the below fees to be officially enrolled.  Registration fee is by family, material/ supply fee is per student.

Application Fee


$95 per student

Registration Fee


$210 Registration Fee

$175 Tuition Retainer

Material fees (see each level)


$60 per student

For more information

or to arrange a tour, please call the office at 314-291-8878 or email the Academy Director directly at:


Late Registrations

The registration fees to the left are true for all registrations received before May 1st. The registration fee for all registrations received after May 1st will increase $25, after July 1st will increase $50.

A University Model School

A university model school is a school that is structured like a college or university.  DaySpring Academy follows a University Structure from preschool through high school. Our students come to class 3 days a week and work at home with a parent or independently on the other two days.   This model helps students learn to manage time, be responsible for completing their work, and prepares them to go onto a university and be successful. This structure also allows parents to be more aware and involved in their child’s education.

We believe students learn best through investigative hands-on activities that challenge them to work together and think creatively. DaySpring Academy provides a Progressive/Project Based Education that encourages individuality and a love for learning.

Our Educational Philosophy

We believe that if you teach skills, such as creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication, within all content areas, that students will be equipped for success in whatever they do beyond school. We believe education should be dynamic, alive and relevant to students. Our teaching style and curriculum choices reflect those beliefs.

We aim to provide a challenging and comprehensive education with a hands-on, problem solving approach. We seek to make the students' educational experience as personal as possible, and to motivate and equip students of all abilities to reach their full potential. DaySpring Academy provides a Progressive/Project Based Education that encourages individuality and a love for learning.

Although we do not teach Bible classes, the Bible is at the center of all we do and we consider it a privilege to partner with parents as they help prepare their children for what God has for them.

Learning by Levels

Kindergarten - 4th Grade

5th Grade & 6th Grade

9th Grade - 12th Grade

7th Grade - 8th Grade





Interested in learning more about the Academy, send an email to:

to schedule your personal tour.



Monday - Thursday: 9am-8pm

Friday: 9am - 5pm

Saturday: 9am - 2pm

The best way to contact us is through email, if you do not know who to send your email to please use




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