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Art Class
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Ages 3 - 5

Our Preschool Pioneers have a comprehensive program that includes a strong emphasis in arts and music instruction.  
The Creative Arts Preschool at DaySpring is committed to nurturing the whole child by providing opportunities to explore music and movement, art, and developmentally appropriate academic activities while developing a love of learning through rich hands-on experiences in a child-centered environment.  

At DaySpring, children engage in small group and large group activities as well as self-directed, individualized activities in a mixed-age classroom.  Our children are excited about learning as they explore and discover the world around them through curriculum and materials in language and literature, mathematics, science, social studies, music and art. Full day includes all of the above, plus lunch, rest time, outside time, and more art and science activities.

Here is one of our Preschool Teachers, Laura Gill, explaining what makes our Preschool unique!


Our Creative Arts Preschool Offers:

Art and Music Instruction
Including exposure to the elements of art and music, introduction to the works of classical musicians and artists, as well as visits to DaySpring's music room.
Small Group & Self-Directed Learning
Hands-on, small group and guided individual choices of fine motor, language, and math materials allows each child to develop academic readiness skills at his or her own individualized pace.
Thematic Learning
Large group activities revolve around high-interest themes that captivate the children’s attention and encourage a desire to explore the world around them.
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Center-Based Learning
Children are provided with daily opportunities to visit classroom centers of their own choosing, such as the building center, reading center, and home life center.  One highlight of our center time is the rotating activities related to our monthly theme, such as exploring sea shells with magnifying glasses or playing with polar animals in our own "snow". Self-directed centers also offer wonderful opportunities for students to develop friendships and social skills such as sharing, joining a group, cooperation, and conflict resolution.
Connecting Home & School
Families are provided with regular written correspondence from the teacher so that parents are informed about what activities are taking place in the classroom.  In addition suggestions are provided for optional extension activities that a care-giver and child can engage in at home to reinforce concepts being learned at school.


23-24 Tuition

Enrollment Fee: $150

2-Day Options

3-Day Option

Friday Option

Class begins with our Creative Movement dance class and will transition into the full preschool by 10am.  Our preschool provides opportunities to explore music and movement, art and developmentally appropriate academic activities while developing a love of learning through rich hands-on experiences in a child-centered environment.  Fridays are a great complement to our 2-day preschool or can be take as a 1-day only option.

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