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Creative Movement +

This 45 minute class is an introduction to movement and dance, with an emphasis on spatial awareness, basic coordination skills, and musicality using ballet movement and creative stories. The dancers are encouraged to use their imagination throughout the entire class and will learn how to manage themselves within the structure of the class.

This class performs in DaySpring’s end of year recital, Finale, in June 2024

Ages 3-5 | $72/mo | 9:15-10:00 

Taught By Amber Studebaker

Creative Arts Preschool

This class begins with Creative Movement (see above) and will transition into the full preschool by 10am. Our preschool provides opportunities to explore music and movement, art, and developmentally appropriate academic activities while developing a love of learning through rich hands-on experiences in a child-centered environment.    

Ages 3-5 | $290/mo | 9:00-2:30pm 

Taught By Stephanie Graeler & Laura Gill  

Art Creators

Designed for young students to explore famous artists and the elements of art using a variety of materials including paint, oil pastel, clay, and much more! While learning about value, shape, color, line, form, and texture, students will be able to begin exploring their own creativity and make lots of fun and interactive projects each week!

Ages 5-6 | $82/mo

Taught By Shilpa Rao

Musical Theatre 1 § +

This class gives fun, foundational training in singing, acting, dancing and performance technique. Voice production and projection will be developed as well as movement, choreography and stage presence with new & traditional musical theatre material. This class will also give training in specific performance techniques, such as audition preparation and solo/small group performance techniques


This class will work on their own musical production that will be presented in the spring, as well as perform a piece in Fall Showcase and Finale.


***Full Musical Production dependent on enrollment size. Modifications will be made for this class element if necessary.***

**Teacher approval is required for enrollment in this class.**

Ages 8-11 | $95/mo

Taught By April McCandless

Beginning Woodwinds 
WeDo Lego Robotics

This class gives younger students an introduction to the basics of the Lego drag & drop programming  using the WeDo Lego Robotics platform. Students will build models and program them to meet specific challenges. They will also learn to incorporate the use of sensors to trigger movement. Each task starts by building the Lego structure and then hooking it up to the computer.  Students are then challenged to create a program that will help their Lego figure accomplish the given task.  Although there is some building in this class, the main focus is on the programming.

Ages 7-9 | $93/mo

Taught By Jaime Zayas

Intro to Musical Theatre § +

An introduction to the world of musical theatre for the performer in your family! Your student will receive high-quality training in voice, dance, and drama for musical theatre, learning techniques such as vocal projection, stage presence, and character development. Depending on enrollment, this skill-building class will culminate in either a mini musical performance at the end of the year or by joining as ensemble of a larger musical production! 

Ages 7-9 | $82/mo

Taught By Katie Orr

This class introduces basic technique for woodwind instruments. Students will learn essential fundamentals of posture, air production and tone as well as reading music. Upon instructor recommendation this class performs in the winter and spring recitals. Rental instrument required. 

Ages 9-13 | $77/mo

Taught By Kaisey Jaspering

Jazz 1 +

In this class, students will learn basic jazz techniques that are most commonly used in musical theater productions. The primary focus will be on Broadway and Fosse jazz styles, with some some minor emphasis on Latin and Lyrical jazz near the end of the semester. Students will study the correct alignment, posture, and vocabulary affiliated with each unique style and learn how to apply what they have learned to other classes they are taking (musical theater, ballet, etc.)


PREREQUISITE: Beginning Tap & Jazz, Musical Theatre Dance, or by special permission. 

Ages 10-13 | $82/mo

Taught By Liliana Merifield



+ Performs in Finale in June

§  Performs in Fall Showcase and Spring Black Box Show

  *Performs in Fall Showcase and Finale in June.

Opportunity to perform in Fall and Spring recitals


This is a real life simulation class where students don’t just learn about finance, but they do it!  In the first half of the year, we will learn about personal finance.  Students will fill out job applications, interview for jobs, earn a paycheck, create a budget, make deposits, keep a checkbook register and more.  In the second part of the class, student teams will learn about creating and running a business including advertising, pricing, and good business practices They will then be prepared to participate in the field trip to JA BizTown in Chesterfield in the fall where they will actually run their business and participate in a real (kid sized) city for the day and create their own pop up shop in the spring!

Ages 10-13 | $82/mo

Taught By Kristen Cuneo

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