Art Explorers

These project-based lessons are designed to teach students about the principles of art.  They will participate in a variety of projects using different media like ceramics, sculpture, drawing, and painting. Students will begin basic understanding of the elements and principles of art seen in both their own art and others’ including many famous artists in history. This is a very fun and active class for eager kids!

Ages 7-9 | $80/mo

Taught By Luisa Otero Prada

Hip Hop +

An overview of different Hip Hop styles will introduce students to foundational skills including isolations, popping and locking, and incorporating these skills into combinations. Students will also learn about the history and cultural significance of Hip Hop. This fun, upbeat class pairs wonderfully with Contemporary 1, Ballet 1 or 2, or Musical Theatre, or can be taken as a stand-alone class.

Ages 10-13 | $80/mo

This class is taught through a partnership with Consuming Kinetics Dance Company

CKDC is a 501c3 nonprofit professional dance company and community education center. In addition to our annual concert performances, we offer a wide variety of dance classes to the public for every age and every technical level. It's never too late or too early to learn how to dance. Movement is fundamental to the development of personal well-being and serves as an authentic outlet for creativity and expression. We commit ourselves to providing accessible outlets for our community to engage in movement arts, and to maintain a diverse environment that honors equality, equity and compassion. Our mission is to make dance accessible to all and expose the healing art of movement to our communities. 


+ Performs in Finale in June

§  Performs in Fall Showcase and Spring Black Box Show

  *Performs in Fall Showcase and Finale in June.

Opportunity to perform in monthly recitals


Circus B 


Offered by Kinetic Tapestry Physical Theatre Company here in the very same building, this class is for students who have had experience in the circus arts and are ready to move to more challenging and difficult skills.  If you have questions about the level and ability of your child, please call the office.

By Invitation Only | $105/mo

Taught By Jaime Zayas

Music Theory Taster

Let's dive into music! Students will learn the building blocks and mechanics behind what makes a piece of music sing. Skills learned in this class will be able to be transferred to any other arts discipline, giving students a working knowledge for their future learning. 

Ages 10-13 | $80/mo

Taught By Journee Carter