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Critical Thinking


Educational Philosophy

We believe that if you teach skills, such as creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication, within all content areas, that students will be equipped for success in whatever they do beyond school. We believe education should be dynamic, alive and relevant to students. Our teaching style and curriculum choices reflect those beliefs.

We aim to provide a challenging and comprehensive education with a hands-on, problem solving approach. We seek to make the students' educational experience as personal as possible, and to motivate and equip students of all abilities to reach their full potential. DaySpring Academy provides a Project Based Education that encourages individuality and a love for learning.

Although we do not teach Bible classes, Christian values are at the center of all we do and we consider it a privilege to partner with parents as they help prepare their children for what God has for them.

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DaySpring chooses their faculty not only for their excellent qualifications, but for their godly character and passion for what they teach.  Each of our faculty is committed to engaging students in meaningful education, investing in them and seeing them grow in and outside the classroom.  They are experts in what they do and ready and willing to partner with parents and students, offering the support necessary to enable students to create a positive successful education.  Our faculty adheres to and teaches from a Christian Worldview, while challenging students to explore the world around them and seeking to understand those different from themselves.

All of our faculty are degreed and certified, and some hold advanced degrees; we have an average of 12 years teaching experience among our faculty.  Their degrees, certifications, and endorsements include, but are not limited to, English, Gifted, Special Education, Speech, Math, Psychology, Social Work, World History, Chemistry, Biology, Unified Sciences, Divinity, and Early Childhood.  

We are proud of our amazing faculty who make the program academically strong, creative and personal.

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