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Happy Readers

This class is great for emerging readers.  It will introduce kids to awesome children’s literature to get them excited about books and reading and help them develop the skills to discuss stories with others.  We will choose classic children’s literature that you will be able to access through your local library, if you want to have the book at home during the week as well.  In class, we will read part or all of the books depending on their length. Then we will spend the rest of the class responding to the story through activities like crafts, role-playing, games, and making our own picture books. - This program does not teach kids to read.

Ages 5-6 | $70/mo

Taught By Laura Roberts

PreTwinkle Suzuki Violin 

This class is based upon the principles of the Suzuki Method: any child, regardless of age or inherent ability can learn to play the violin well. We will use songs, games and fun activities to gain a basic foundation of skills that will set each child up for future musical learning and enjoyment. A rental instrument is required. 

Ages 5-7 | $68/mo

Taught By Betsey Karako

Mad Scientists Club

Science really is fun! It is all around us...and even in us! Using hands on experiments, activities and projects we will explore the world around us! We will investigate many different topics in science including physics, earth science, chemistry, weather, animal science, plant science, the human body and much more! Topics will be covered in interactive classes that incorporate hands on activities in a way sure to engage and excite!

Ages 7-9 | $70/mo

Taught By Kelly Hobbs

Beginning Contemporary Modern Dance +

This class serves as an introduction to some common styles and basic principles of contemporary dance. Students will build awareness of correct physical alignment and will gain strength and coordination through movement. Exercises that encourage creativity and self-expression will also be given. This class is a perfect companion to Beginning Ballet or Ballet 1, or can be taken alone by students ages 7-9, who have little or no dance experience.

Ages 7-9 | $74/mo

Taught By Ellen Vierse

Children's Choir 

Young singers will develop basic vocal skills, experience ensemble singing of different styles of music, learn basic music reading skills, experience part singing and find the joy of singing together with friends. Older students with singing experience will expand the horizons of their own musical development. This experience can be a springboard to further advancement in Musical Theater and other vocal ensemble performance opportunities.

Ages 7-13 | $72/mo

Taught By Rob Miller


+ Performs in Finale in June

§  Performs in Fall Showcase and Spring Black Box Show

  *Performs in Fall Showcase and Finale in June.

Opportunity to perform in monthly recitals


Circus A 


Offered by Kinetic Tapestry Physical Theatre company here in the very same building, this class is an introduction and development of everything circus. This is a physically active class where students are introduced to juggling, balancing, tumbling, and clowning. It will challenge them to not only develop individual body control, be creative and expressive, but also how to work together with a group to create a fun and entertaining piece.

Ages 10-13 | $96/mo

Taught By Jaime Zayas

Art Innovators

Students will be able to explore a variety of different media and create projects that reflect individualism, creativity, and technical skills. Projects will be multi-week  and will be given in a particular unit of media including bookmaking, drawing, painting, printmaking, and ceramics. This class will encourage learning technical skills while maintaining creativity and lots of fun!

Ages 10-13 | $76/mo

Taught By Angela Lamb

Beginning Hip Hop & Jazz +

This upbeat class pairs wonderfully with Contemporary 1, Ballet 1 or 2, and Musical Theater, but can also be taken as a stand-alone class. The hip hop portion of this class will include an introduction to foundational hip hop skills including isolations, popping and locking, and incorporating these skills into combinations. This training is perfectly paired with the jazz portion of the class, where students will learn basic alignment, posture, and jazz vocabulary necessary to move into Jazz 1. 

Ages 10-13 | $74/mo

This class is taught through a partnership with Consuming Kinetics Dance Company

CKDC is a 501c3 nonprofit professional dance company and community education center. In addition to our annual concert performances, we offer a wide variety of dance classes to the public for every age and every technical level. It's never too late or too early to learn how to dance. Movement is fundamental to the development of personal well-being and serves as an authentic outlet for creativity and expression. We commit ourselves to providing accessible outlets for our community to engage in movement arts, and to maintain a diverse environment that honors equality, equity and compassion. Our mission is to make dance accessible to all and expose the healing art of movement to our communities.