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Pre-Musical Theatre *

This class is the perfect blend of musical theatre, circus, and acting skills for our young students. They will be given the opportunity to explore several aspects of our performing arts program with fast-paced games, skits, music basics, and dance instruction. This is a great starting point for budding performers to have an introduction to the arts, which will set them up to successfully participate in classes as they get older.  This class is designed to help students grow in confidence, communication, and cooperation all while having a lot of fun performing!


This class will perform in Fall Showcase and Finale.

Ages 5-7 | $85/mo

Taught By DS Performing Arts Staff

Music Discoverers

Now is the prime time for young children to connect with music through their voice and body. Students will learn age-appropriate classical, folk, and world music with instruments, including xylophone and unpitched percussion instruments. Circle/activity-based songs engage even reluctant singers to participate and learn pitch-matching skills for better singing! Rhythmic and melodic reading skills will be introduced to lay a foundation of musical knowledge and skill for a well-developed progression in music learning. Overall, this class will instill and develop musical skills within the youngest students.

Ages 5-6 | $80/mo

Taught By DS Music Staff

Spanish Adventure

In this class, students will learn about Hispanic cultures around the world, acquire basic Spanish conversational skills, and begin to read and write in the Spanish language. Students will learn through games, stories, songs, and crafts.

Ages 7-9 | $80/mo

Taught By DS Staff

History with Magic Tree House

Jump in the magic tree house and join us on a trip through time to discover important people and events that happened as our world grew and developed. We'll go in depth and discover reasons behind events, wars, and celebrations as well as talking about daily life in each time period. We'll be doing hands-on projects, reading books, and watching short informative videos to really immerse ourselves into each time period we study and bring history to life.

Ages 7-10 | $80/mo

Taught By April McCandless

Beginning Tap & Jazz +

In this class, students learn basic Tap and Jazz technique. The tap portion of this class will focus using different parts of the tap shoe to make specific sounds, while learning basic tap steps and vocabulary. In the jazz portion of class, students will learn correct alignment, posture, and vocabulary while having fun with jazz steps and combos. Students may take this class for multiple years to prepare for Tap 1 and Jazz 1.


***This upbeat class pairs wonderfully with Beginning Ballet, Beginning Contemporary Modern, or a Musical Theatre class, but can also be taken as a stand-alone class.

These classes perform in DaySpring’s end of year recital, Finale

Ages 7-9 | $85/mo

Taught By DS Dance Staff


This class is based upon the principles of the Suzuki Method: any child, regardless of age or inherent ability can learn to play the violin well. We will use songs, games and fun activities to gain a basic foundation of skills that will set each child up for future musical learning and enjoyment. A rental instrument is required.

Ages 7-11 | $80/mo

Taught By DS Music Staff

LUNCH IS FROM 11:30-12.
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Brain Games 2

This class will build upon skills learned in Intro to Brain Games.  Students will continue to grow stronger thinking and problem-solving skills.  This class will explore activities including group problem-solving discussions, spatial tasks that involve get-up-and-get-moving activities, pen-and-paper reasoning tasks, reading mysteries out loud and discussing clues and solutions along the way, puzzles, using our senses, and more!

Ages 9-12 | $80/mo

Taught By Laura Roberts

Art Innovators 2

Students will be able to explore a variety of different media and create projects that reflect individualism, creativity, and technical skills. Projects will be multi-week  and will be given in a particular unit of media including bookmaking, drawing, painting, printmaking, and ceramics. This class will encourage learning technical skills while maintaining creativity and lots of fun!

Ages 10-13 | $85/mo

Taught By DS Fine Arts Staff

Engineering & Robotics

Put your creative thinking skills to work with the fun of programming and the innovation of creating new machines.  Students will be challenged to create things that will solve real life problems and tasks.  They will be using the Mindstorm Robotics platform along with many other tools and resources to give them greater exposure to how real engineers work.  This class is appropriate for both new and returning students, as it will include new challenges from last year.  All of the materials for the class will be provided and kept by DaySpring.    

Ages 10-13 | $95/mo

Taught By DS Staff

Acting 2 § 

This class will give students the opportunity to expand their dramatic side. They will grow in confidence, develop communication skills, and the ability to work in groups, as they explore stories & drama techniques. We will expand on previous acting skills, including creating a character, finding the life of the character, understanding the secrets of the scene, improvisation, and bringing the scene from page to stage.


This class is required to audition for our winter play. This class will perform in Fall Showcase and Actor’s Spotlight.

Ages 11-13 | $85/mo

Taught By DS Perf. Arts Staff

Tap 1 +

At this level, most of the basic tap vocabulary will be introduced/ reviewed. An emphasis on clarity and rhythmic consistency will be enforced as students progress. Throughout the term, exercises will improve integration and fluidity in linking steps together as well as introducing more complex combinations and rhythms.
PREREQUISITE: Beginning Tap & Jazz or by special permission.

10-13 or by Placement | $85/mo

Taught By DS Dance Staff


+ Performs in Finale in June

§  Performs in Fall Showcase and Spring Black Box Show

  *Performs in Fall Showcase and Finale in June.

Opportunity to perform in Fall and Spring recitals


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