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9th - 12th Grade

Meets on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays
At Home
Once students reach the high school level they should be completely independent in their at home work on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Parents are called on to help students at home, only if their student is struggling with independence. Students should expect to put in at least an hour at home for each subject they have in school. 
The High School student's school day is seven hours long and is comprised of six different classes.
The students start their day at 8:45 am with Community Time. This special time in the morning allows all 5th through 12th grade students to come together for a short devotion or team building activity. They have the same academic schedule of classes on all three days.
Along with several choices for science, math, social studies and language arts, we offer many elective classes to round out the high school experience and fulfill graduation requirements. Graduation requirements and a four year plan are discussed with families beginning their freshman year.
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High School 1

9th Grade & 10th Grade

In the first years of High School we expect the student to write with accuracy and fluency.  Our attention will shift to literature analysis. Students will be expected to identify a theme within a piece of writing and develop an idea of how that theme is shown through a story.  We will expect them to demonstrate understanding through character analysis and essays based on the literature study.  We will also develop skills in discussion and debate through class participation in debates and idea exchanges.  We will expect them to be able to write a concise summary of the events in a complex piece of literature.  They will be stretched through specific studies in science and math.  Our students are all encouraged to take Spanish which will fulfill college requirements, but more importantly, it will prepare them for the global world we live in.  At this level, students should be completely independent in their at home work.  Parents are still expected to monitor students' at home assignments.

High School 2

11th Grade & 12th Grade

The focus shifts in the final years of high school to really prepare them for college career, to be independent thinkers and clear communicators.  They will develop and hone their skills in presentation and writing.  We will expect them to write succinctly and communicate their point with ease.  Students will be expected to identify themes, images, symbols, and ideas.  They should be able to show how each is developed through the character or the story.  Students will be expected to back up their point with specific examples from the text.

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High School

9th-12th Grade
23-24 Tuition & Fees

Tuition: $6,570 ($730 / month)

*Enrollment Fee: $475

*Fee is non-refundable




The DaySpring Academy student has the great advantage of being able to choose from many extracurricular classes in a unique and creative environment.  Through DaySpring School of the Arts students become well equipped in the disciplines of the performing and fine arts as they are taught by professionals with a passion for their disciplines.  Students can choose from classical ballet, tap, jazz and modern dance, musical theatre, drama, technical theatre, fine art in many media, private music lessons and group music classes. Academy students who participate in these classes, will find them listed on their high school transcript and will earn credit for them.

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