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Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern

DaySpring’s Classical Ballet Program provides a strong foundation in technique and prepares students for college and professional opportunities. The Young Dancers Program teaches children creativity and introduces technical concepts in a way that is easy to understand. From the youngest dancers to the most advanced, our students focus on age appropriate technique and artistry, and gain excitement and appreciation for the art of the dance. 


Our goal is excellence: in training methods, student performance, and character. Through dance, we instill lifelong qualities such as self-discipline and perseverance, learning to receive instruction, the ability to work as a team, self-confidence, and a deep appreciation for artistry. 


Our Classical Ballet Program includes Ballet technique, Pointe, Variations, and Dance Conditioning.  We also offer classes in Tap, Jazz, Modern and Hip Hop. Our curriculum is designed for students to spend multiple years in each level.

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Ballet class for ages 3-10.

Tap, Jazz, & Modern for ages 7-12.


Beginning at age 9 to advanced levels.

Attend multiple days per week.


Classes beginning at age 5

to advanced levels.


Open classes for beginning and intermediate students ages 14+.

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